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ARA-LT® laser foils

Other available ARA-LT® laser foils:

For selective or full-surface coating of product surfaces with

  • Copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, chrome, steel, zircon,
  • ITO, ZrO₂, TiO₂, Si₃N₄, SiO₂, … or
  • multi-component layer systems for functional purposes such as electrical conductor tracks, superhydrophilic or hydrophobic surfaces, high temperature resistant protective layers, antimicrobial surfaces, catalytic effectiveness or selective optical filters.

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Unique selling points of the ARA-LT® technology

Environmentally friendly, resource-saving and sustainable:

  • Exclusive use of completely harmless, globally available materials, in the smallest possible amount.

  • The laser applied PVD layers are extremely long-term resistant (no fading, no release of harmful substances, etc.).

Many design options, flexible in use:

  • Almost all metals, semiconductors, ceramic hard material coatings and inorganic coating systems can be applied onto products - selectively or over the entire surface.

  • No impairment or damage to the products by the laser radiation: a large number of product surfaces can be laser coated, e.g. glass, metals, ceramics, plastics, textiles - and even paper.

Technical and commercial advantages:

  • Very good adhesion and optical quality; excellent mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance.

  • No pre- or post-treatment required, high process stability

  • Manual use or implementation in production lines is possible.

  • High laser speed (up to approx. 3s for 100 cm²).

  • Inexpensive availability due to production using efficient coating technology